Gentle Spirit, Inc.


Gentle Spirit brings specialized training and experience for you to relax and be restored to balance and vitality.  Whether you’re interested in one of our specialities - fertility issues, cancer care, recovery, and spiritual journeys - or want a “regular” massage - you’ve found the place you belong. 

The goal at Gentle Spirit is to give you the space you need to breathe deeply, to come back into your body, and experience a sense of well-being once again.  A variety of modalities are available to help bring you back to harmony.  These include massage (Swedish and Esalen techniques), Acutonics Harmonics Healing, CoreIndividuation/Extragenesis, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. 

The specialized services of fertility, cancer care and recovery with the foundation of the 12-step programs, and spiritual journey work, are the result of decades of working with these populations. 

Please call 617-306-9622 to schedule your appointment.  Thank you.